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A - Overall Length: 243 inches (617 cm)
B - Ground Clearance: 19 inches (48 cm)
C - Overall Height: 112 inches (284 cm)
D - Overall Tractor Width: 89 inches (226 cm)

MULCHER (200U225, Hydraulic Tilt)

E - Overall Width Attachment: 107 inches (273 cm)
F - Working Width: 89 inches (225 cm)
G - Overall Height (pushbar fully retracted): 64 inches (162 cm)
Ground Pressure with Mulcher Head: 3.3 Psi (0,23 kg/cm²)
Weight (Crawler & Mulcher): 24,800 lbs (11,250 kg)

*** This model is only available where local legislations allow Tier 3 Engines for brand new machinery
Hurricane C250

Champion in its weight class, the C250 Hurricane leaves the competition far behind especially in the most difficult ground conditions.

  • With its strategically designed overall weight and balance, the C250 is often able to tread where other mulchers cannot. Offered with our newly designed cabin, the Hurricane C250 offers comfort and ease of operation unequaled in the mulcher industry.

  • The C250 is available with a 275 HP John Deere or Caterpillar Engine. Along with proven hydraulic components, the C250 Hurricane allies mulching power with exceptional tractive effort for maximum productivity in the field.

  • With the lowest ground pressure in the industry, the C250 Hurricane assures optimum balance and mulching capacity, while minimizing ground disturbance in wet ground conditions.

  • True to C.M.I design, the C250 Hurricane offers an ease of maintenance unrivaled in the mulching industry.

  • Known for its versatility in wet ground conditions, the C250 Hurricane works exceedingly well for site preparation where low ground disturbance is necessary. It is very productive in all different types of site conditions.
General specifications PDF
General specifications PDF
Hurricane C250 specifications PDF
Specifications PDF
Hurricane C250 video1
Hurricane C250 Video1
Hurricane C250 video2
Hurricane C250 Video2
Hurricane C250 video3
Hurricane C250 Video3