Twister II C175
Stump grinder S400
Hurricane C250
Stump grinder S250
The Bull C600

C.M.I designed and conceptualized its line of forestry mulchers with one principle in mind…


To attain this objective, we kept three criteria in mind:

Ease of Operation and Operator Comfort:

  • Large accessible cab with a full size door and emergency exits.
  • FOPS, ROPS & OPS certified cab
  • Air suspension seat with 11 adjustable positions.
  • New pressurized cab with optimal heating and A/C capabilities.
  • Optimum visibility of the mulcher as well as optional backup camera.
  • Electro-hydraulic controls for ergonomic comfort and ease of operation.
  • Easy to read instrumentation that is strategically placed for increased visibility.

Reliability and Longevity:

  • John Deere, Cummins or Caterpillar Engines
  • Proven, field tested hydraulics.
  • Heavy duty undercarriage is of the single grouser variety, complete with mud holes.
  • Chassis and frame construction are purpose designed and built for the mulching application.

Maintenance and Accessibility:

  • Ease of access to daily maintenance points throughout the machine.
  • Tilting cab to ensure clear and safe access to hydraulic components.
  • Bolted access panels to access harder to reach components.
  • Machines are easy to clean because of bolted protection panels.

General specifications PDF
General specifications PDF